Get your independence back with this incredible book!

Heidi reveals tools that have helped hundreds of aging adults achieve more time and energy through simpler routines.

Maximize Safety.

Ascend to Independence.

Explore tools and strategies to help make daily tasks and activities easier, allowing you to spend more of your energy focused on doing what you love.

Many people may be resistant to changing their routine because they are used to the old way, or they don't want to seem as though they need something to help. Accepting and using these tools does not take away, but restores independence in a new, modified way. Embrace adaptive tools. Embrace Independence.

Inside "Tools for Independence" you will find:

  • A compilation of over 60 different tools and devices

  • OT Tips and other helpful explanations for best use of these tools

  • Links to video demonstrations for proper use of tools

  • Links to products for easy finding

  • Access to an exclusive Facebook group to discuss and problem solve various tools and daily routines

Discover tools and techniques organized into daily categories:

Feel More Confident

Maximize Your Safety

Increase Your Independence

Implementing the information in this book will help you to gain not only safety and independence, but confidence and a sense of purpose as you achieve success in your daily routines, tasks, and activities.

Receive guidance through the information provided, accountability to take action and explore alternate routines, and community with others who are problem solving and discovering helpful tools to make a positive difference in their lives.